The next opportunity to clear a hotel of its resident spirits came quite unexpectedly. Our friend Valerie Borrego invited us to an event in Sedona. We decided to stay in nearby Cottonwood and booked a room at the Tavern Hotel in Oldtown Cottonwood. We knew nothing about the hotel except that it occupied a remodeled historic building, got good reviews on and wasn't too expensive. When I told Valerie where we were staying, she told me that the hotel was supposed to be haunted. Since I was then curious, I recorded a short video to ask about any spirits present at the hotel. I learned that not only were there ghosts at the hotel, they knew I was coming and expected me to help them cross over! So Valerie joined us the next morning at the hotel for a crossing event. We helped 18 of the 19 resident ghosts of the hotel cross over. There was one spirit who let me know beforehand that, "This is my home and I'm going to stay!" But the rest were able to depart, along with 98,000 other spirits gathered for the occasion. A video of a spirit letting me know we were expected follows next. (continued below...)

Spirit tells me, "We called you," at the Tavern Hotel.



My nephew, Aaron Lofgreen, purchased some property in Chevelon Canyon Ranch in the high desert of Central Arizona. Not long after moving onto the property, he discovered some caves along the canyon wall at the edge of his land. Aaron is highly sensitive to spirit activity and felt there was something special about one of the caves he found. He asked me to come and help investigate the cave. It's a steep descent on the cliff to the cave but I made it down, along with Aaron, his daughter Aurora, and Aurora's stepfather Eric M. Test. The video evidence we discovered inside the cave was dramatic, and led to some amazing discoveries. It became obvious that the cave and the surrounding land were considered sacred to ancient Native Americans. It was also apparent that Aaron had been chosen to be a guardian of the land. He asked me to perform a crossing ceremony for any residual spirits that still occupied the land. I returned for the crossing and we were joined by Aaron's brother Jeremiah, and Stella. I was assured by my guides that the spirits of thousands of Native Americans crossed in the total of 73,000 that had gathered.

What follows next is a video clip from the crossing event. (continued below...)

A Spirit Agrees With What I Say



We coordinated this crossing with the second new moon of September, the mystical Black Moon. We chose a spot off of Schnebly Hill Road overlooking Sedona. I was happy to welcome back Crystal StarrWeaver to lend her powerful spiritual presence to the event. A group of nine of us gathered in a circle. Valerie had brought along a friend to play flute while we performed the crossing ceremony. It was a very spiritual and mystical event. As always, we were humbled and awed by the beauty and sacred power that surrounds Sedona. It was the second largest earthbound spirit crossing event in the history of the planet, surpassed only by the original Sedona event. But what made this crossing unique is that nearly every participant commented that they felt an overwhelming number of animal spirits cross at the same time. I confirmed this later with my guides, who explained that over a billion animal spirits also crossed. They are destined to be guides for other animals, and even for humans. Our little dog, Sura, attended the event, as did one other dog. My guides said the two dogs helped with the crossing, although that was not the reason for the large animal spirit crossing. It was just time for the animal spirits to progress to their new roles. I wonder if Sura comprehended the importance of what she was doing. She was actually quite lethargic for a few days afterward, but bounced back.

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