CROSSING #27, AUG. 8, 2013


We next flew to San Francisco and stayed for a couple of days with Stella's brother before we were scheduled to go and see their uncle Roger. I drove to San Bruno Mountain and hiked the Summit trail. I stopped in a Eucalyptus grove halfway up to perform a crossing. A swarm of butterflies greeted me inside the grove. I see many more butterflies than the average person would expect to see. I once asked my guides if there was a significance to that.  “Butterflies are how we gesture we are with you,” they told me. “They are around you because we send them so you know our warm feelings for you. They will surround you when you come. Your own little society of mascots.” 



As is still my custom, I asked the gathered spirits a few questions before proceeding and recorded their replies. One spirit was wondering who I was. Most spirits recognize who I am and understand what I do. It seems that ghost gossip is their own supercharged and supernatural social media network. But there are always those who are not plugged in and and stay unaware until they actually encounter me. (A video recording of the spirit who wondered who I was appears below.)

 My spirit guides had always been uncomfortable about me recording their voices. They told me that I didn't need any electronic aids to be able to communicate with them, and I did have occasional vivid visions of walking with my guides.



 But for routine communications, I relied on recordings. That was, until my father suggested I try using my iPod. (My father had become the main voice among my guides.) It took weeks to train my ears, but eventually by playing white noise on my iPod, I was able to hear his voice emerging from the static. So as I was hiking down the mountain I got out my iPod and asked how many spirits had crossed in the Eucalyptus grove. "6,665," he said. 

"So, I guess 5,000 is not my limit," I said. "How many now do you think I'll be able to cross?" 

"Maybe 20,000," he answered. That made me feel a little bit better about the task of crossing 600 million earthbound spirits. Now it should take me only about 100 years. (continued below...)

"Who Are You?"

CROSSING #29, AUGUST 12, 2013


After visiting Stella's family in Modesto, we returned to San Francisco for one more day before heading home to Florida. I had time to do a crossing and I intended to head for the mountains above Pacifica for the ceremony. But I found myself in the wrong lane at a traffic signal and was quickly heading in the wrong direction. Rather than follow the directions of the GPS unit to get back on track, I decided to just drive and see where I would end up. Eventually I found myself on Lake Avenue and I caught a glimpse of the ocean. I thought I'd head for the Lands End area, where I was sure I could find a good secluded place for a crossing.



But when I passed a park with a small lake, I suddenly knew that was where I should stop. I found an unmetered parking space in a cul-de-sac and set out hiking in the park. I followed a trail climbing into the hills and eventually arrived at a golf course, which I surmised to be the course in the Presdio. I followed the trail through the golf course and past some apartment buildings. On a hill behind the apartments, I got a view of a cemetery far below, and knew that is where I was supposed to go. I followed a dirt trail down and found out it was the San Francisco National Cemetery. Up until then, I was not even aware of the Cemetery's existence.



The cemetery was virtually deserted. I found a spot I was comfortable with and conducted a crossing. I was happy and humbled I had been guided to that location. On that trip I had visited the grave of my grandfather, who had served in the Army in World War I. I had also visited my father’s grave, and he had served in the Coast Guard during World War II. Although he was buried in Alaska and I had yet to visit his grave, my oldest brother Bob, Colleen’s father, had served in the Navy. And, of course, I had visited the gravesite of my brother Eugene, an Army veteran of the Vietnam War. I hoped I was able to help any earthbound spirits of Veterans present among the 7,346 who chose to cross that afternoon.

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