Shortly after the September 2016 crossing in Sedona I ruptured my Achilles Tendon in a silly accident at home. This was followed by a series of infections and two hospital stays that kept me incapacitated and off my feet for several months. While convalescing, my wife Stella complained about having to drive an hour-and-a-half each way to visit me in the hospital in Tucson. I listened and we decided to put our home in Pearce up for sale and move closer to civilization. Homes in the area typically were taking more than a year to sale, so I thought I'd have plenty of time to recuperate before having to move. But then our house sold on the second day after it was listed. I wasn't really ready but we scrambled, and with some remarkable help from our friends Valerie Borrego and Clyde Applegate, we were able to complete a move to the Sedona area.  



We didn't really consider moving any other place beside Sedona. It just seemed like it was fated we would end up here. But even after we moved in June, I still was restricted in my activities and I couldn't get out to do a crossing.  So it wasn't until October until my doctor released me for unrestricted activities. It was nearly a year since my last crossing. For the first post-injury crossing I chose the Boynton Canyon area outside of Sedona. The topography and scenery are spectacular and the location is famous as an energetic vortex. The term "vortex" is actually a misnomer. The energy doesn't swirl like a vortex, it's more a location where the energy is concentrated because of an intersection of ley lines (or geological energy conduits). The Boynton Canyon "Vortex" is located right below the Kachina Woman rock formation (pictured above) on a knoll overlooking the canyon. 



Stella, our dog Sura and I were greeted by a lovely gentleman seated atop the knoll and playing a flute. He later gifted us heart-shaped stones, leaving us with a little message of love and brotherhood. The atmosphere was perfect for a crossing. I found a location on a natural rock shelf at the base of Kachina Woman where people had started a few stacks of stones, which are quite common in Sedona. I was rusty and awkward in my presentation to the spirits but I think my earnestness more than made up for my stumbling approach. I was incredibly grateful that I was able to recover from some precarious health issues and continue with my efforts in my life calling. As is common with my crossings, a brisk wind started as I launched into my crossing presentation. The wind died down as soon as I was done and we hiked away in calm and still weather (a short video clip of this crossing is below). Since if was my first crossing in a long time, my spiritual team sent only 19 million spirits my way to help cross to the higher realm.

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Spirits commenting while crossing over at Boynton Canyon

CROSSING #159, NOVEMBER 14, 2017


For my next crossing event I decided to travel to the highest spot in the region. Mingus Mountain forms the western boundary of the Verde Valley where I now live. It is a part of the Black Hills mountain range of Central Arizona and divides the Verde Valley to the east and Prescott Valley to the west. 



The mountain is central to the origin story of the Yavapai Native American people. A girl named Kamalapukwia was placed in a water tight log to survive the worldwide flood. She ended up on Mingus mountain and rose before dawn to allow the sun to hit her and prepare her for bearing a child.



A friend had told me about a medicine wheel next to a trail at the summit of this sacred mountain. I had been missing my medicine wheel that I had left behind in Pearce, and was glad to find this powerful tool to focus my energy. Using the sacred energy of the medicine wheel, I was able to help 42 million souls find their way home to the other side. 

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CROSSING #160, APRIL 14, 2018


This may have been my favorite crossing experience to date. Some of the great friends I had made since moving to Sedona joined me on a sunny spring afternoon for the next crossing saga. They were such a bright, loving, joyous collection of sacred souls that I will always remember it as one of the highlights of my life.  



We assembled ourselves at Secret Slick Rock in the Red Rock Crossing area of Sedona. This is the same location where we held the big first crossing in Sedona, some four years earlier. That event in March of 2014 remains the largest mass earthbound spirit crossing event in the history of the planet. 



I encouraged everyone to bring along their pets for this crossing and we ended up with three dogs, including our little Sura, who had previously participated in a Sedona event that included the crossing of over a billion animal spirits. This time I was told that there were too many animal spirits that crossed to count.  119 million human souls also chose to cross over. Hiking away from the location I delighted in hearing the personal experiences of the participants, who related their stories of engaging their own loved ones as they crossed, and even a few celebrities!

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