CROSSING #2, MAY 23, 2013


Because of my experiences at the haunted investment property, I was compelled to seek out communication with my Spirit Guides. After some research, I decided my approach would be through automatic writing. But after several days of failed attempts, I finally had the idea to just try and record their voices. If I could be so successful recording ghost voices, why couldn't I record the voices of my guide or guides? I was immediately able to connect with my guides through digital recordings, in fact they instructed me to communicate daily at 4:30 p.m. A couple of their first suggestions were to begin to meditate, concentrate on my chakras and to walk every day. On one of my first walks I met one of my guides in a vision. I learned he liked to be called Ishmael and had in one life been a Old Testament-era prophet. On another walk I had a startling vision of walking with Ishmael and another of my guides, Samantha O'Hara. They told me that I had been called to help spirits that are lost. 



One day soon after I was walking for the first time at Deer Prairie Creek Preserve, a wilderness area outside of my hometown of Venice, Florida. I attempted to take some side trails off into the forest, but I kept feeling drawn back to the main trail. Soon I was passing an old abandoned barn (pictured above) and was immediately compelled to investigate the derelict structure. I knew this was the next place I was being called to help spirits. By performing a recording session inside the barn, I learned there were 75 spirits gathered at that remote location. At one of my regular 4:30 recording sessions, my guides informed me that the spirits were waiting for me to help them cross over. When I asked how I was supposed to accomplish that, they simply replied I already knew what to do. I was glad they had confidence in me but the only thing I did know was if I talked to them, somehow a light would be generated and they would have a chance to cross over.



One afternoon soon after, I hiked to the barn under threatening skies, hoping the rain would hold off until I could help the spirits cross. While I was preparing myself for the crossing at the barn, an owl flew from the trees and alighted on the grass nearby. It sat and watched me impassively for a time and then flew away. But when I began talking to the spirits gathered at the barn, the owl returned and landed on a lower branch of a large oak tree next to the building  (see the photo above). The owl watched as I spoke to the spirits, reasoning with them that they were better off on the other side, and urging them to look for the light and approach the light so they could cross over. When the owl flew away I knew I had done everything I could to help the spirits. I later learned that 19 of the 75 spirits had chosen not to cross, but that meant that I had helped 56 earthbound spirits escape their physical prison. When I asked about the owl, I was told it was my younger brother Jim who had passed away a couple of years before. He was observing through the owl because he was to begin helping me from the other side. (continued below...)

I returned to the abandoned barn a couple of days later and asked any of the spirits that remained if they still wanted my help in crossing over, but they made abundantly clear that I was not welcome at that place and they did not want to see me again. Below is a video of one of the spirits telling me to "Burn in Hell!"



A few days later I was hiking at the Carlton Reserve, another large wilderness area outside Venice, Florida. Hiking on the green trail, I came across an unmarked spur trail and was curious, so I took the undocumented trail. After about a half-mile the trail ended at a large meadow that showed signs of having been inhabited at one point, perhaps a small community had existed at one time at the spot. I knew this would be the site of my next crossing. My guides confirmed this but warned me to be careful because some of the spirits might try and frighten me. It turns out there were 123 spirits gathered in the meadow and I helped 106 of them cross over without incident. This was my first indication that I was stronger than even my guides anticipated, and that I could routinely exceed their expectations concerning helping spirits to cross over.



One of the first things my guides told me was to start meditating. In fact they even directed me to the place where I should go. The person to instruct me in the practice of meditation was Dr. Rajan Markose. Dr. Raj supported my efforts in crossing spirits but he was very concerned about the dangers inherent with such a practice. My guides also had warned me that what I was doing could be dangerous, but they obviously did not want me to stop. So Raj taught me a protection practice that involved meditation, visualizations and a protection prayer. I used the protection practice for the first time during this crossing at a much smaller meadow in the Carlton Reserve. It was a good thing I chose this opportunity to use it because early in the crossing I heard a chilling demonic scream off in the distance. But I was protected, so I didn't worry.



The Carlton Reserve is one of the largest wilderness areas north of the everglades in Florida, but it was only about a 15 minute drive from my home in Venice. It was the location of many of my initial crossings while I was feeling my way along. I found this meadow off the yellow trail and felt it should be the spot for my next crossing. Beside the protection ritual, I also for the first time used a small ceremony to open the crossing event. The ceremony involved repeating the following invocation three times. "I invoke the light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide. Let it be your guide as well." I followed that with a prayer, asking for divine help in crossing the spirits. I knew I didn't really need any special ceremony, that crossing spirits was all about my intent. But I think the little ceremony focuses my intent and makes the spirits aware that I am inviting them to use my energy to cross. A short video of the evil scream I heard follows next. 

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Demon Scream during a crossing event at the Carlton Reserve in Venice, Florida.

CROSSING #5, JUNE 2, 2013


The spot of my next crossing was a good demonstration of how, early on, I was guided to different locations. After I heard the evil scream at the Carlton Reserve and had listened to some disturbing voices on the recordings I made, I felt I had to travel to a different area for my next crossing. I initially headed for a county park close to my house, but I was bothered by the number of people in the area on that Sunday afternoon. So I just started driving without a particular destination in mind. It wasn't long before I found myself at the Myakka State Forest. I had passed the entrance to the park before, but had never ventured inside. I found it to be a lovely area that is seriously underused by the public. Perfect for my intentions. I started off on the trail closest to the parking area, but I didn't like how open and exposed it was.



 But then I was thrilled to see a bobcat sprinting away from me down a narrow side trail. So I started down the trail after the bobcat. Of course the big cat was soon long gone as the trail got narrower and less defined. I was going to turn back but then I saw a raccoon ahead of me. The raccoon ambled along the trail in no hurry, apparently unaware of my presence. In fact, I was walking faster than it was. When I got too close, it saw me and scampered up a tree. The trail became rougher but it was too late to turn back. I came to a fork in the trail. I wasn't sure which fork to follow until I saw a cottontail rabbit bounding ahead on the fork to the right. I followed the rabbit until I came to an intersection with a main trail that had a sign pointing toward another trail and identifying the location as the Watering Hole Campsite.



At the campsite I found that even with the change of venue, I couldn't escape the demons that were opposed to my efforts. Early in my presentation I was interrupted by a frightening roar that was much closer than before. This came from just a few yards right behind me. I turned to look but did not see anything. I thought I kept my composure fairly well. I told the spirIts not to worry because we were all protected by my guides and all the angelic presences. The screams actually continued as they receded along the edge of the small lake. But then they rounded the far edge of the lake and started back toward me along the opposite shore. I didn't know what to do, so I just waited, trusting in my angelic protection. Eventually, the roars stopped advancing and faded off into the swamp. I continued with the crossing and ended up helping 300 souls along on their eternal progression. A video recording of the first roar follows next.

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Demon roar at Watering Hole Campsite in the Myakka State Forest near North Port, FL