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CROSSING #106, DECEMBER 20, 2016


When they finally released me from the hospital, they sent me home tethered to a wound vacuum pump, which I could carry strapped over my shoulder.  It had an excellent battery pack, so at least I was somewhat mobile and not required to have it plugged in all the time.  But I had to return to the hospital everyday for a round of IV treatments.

I knew I couldn’t get out to my normal wilderness areas for crossings, so for a time I just concentrated on getting better.  But it was nagging at me that I had so far only helped eight million of the 600 million earthbound spirits my guides had assigned to me.  I wondered about doing the crossings on my own property.  

I knew I was initially sent to remote areas because sometimes at first it would take me days between locating the crossing location and performing the actual crossing ceremony.  It would not have been a good thing to have a lot of spirits gathered in a residential neighborhood and waiting there for a few days. 



Before each crossing I always asked the spirits how long they had been gathered there.  At first, I got answers like a ‘few days’ or a ‘couple of weeks’.  But as I advanced to doing crossings every day and as the numbers of the gathered spirits swelled, I started getting answers like just a “few minutes” or “just now.”  It had been a while since any spirit had said they were waiting longer than a couple of hours.  I was getting more efficient at it, but I also felt the various angels and spirits involved on the other side had to be getting better at finding and gathering the earthbound spirits rapidly.  

It had been over three hundred years since anyone like me had been practicing on Earth.  And probably no one in the history of the planet had achieved and sustained the numbers of spirits I was helping.  There was a learning curve for all the souls involved on both sides of the veil, but before I had gotten sidelined we had probably been working as efficiently as we could.  If my spirit helpers could gather all the earthbounds together within a couple of hours, and I could convince all of them to cross, then the risk of exposure in my residential neighborhood was as minimal as we could make it.

CROSSING #106 (cont.) SPIRITS CROSSED: 512,209


We only owned two-thirds of an acre, which would hardly have afforded privacy.  But at the back of the lot there was a large detached garage.  It was 1800 square feet of mostly empty space.  The detached garage was actually bigger than the house itself.  And since we also had an oversized attached garage next to the house, the detached garage was underutilized, with a lot of empty space.

I asked my guides about conducting the crossings inside the detached garage.  Their answer was that it was up to me.  They had no objections and there likely was no danger to the residents of the neighborhood.  I figured this was probably the reason we had originally purchased that particular property, with the large detached garage that we really didn’t need.

On December 20, 2013, I helped 512,209 earthbound spirits cross over inside my detached garage.  I waited a couple of days to see if I would hear about any unusual events in the area, but nothing seemed out of order in the immediate vicinity. 

A short video clip from this crossing, with a spirit agreeing to my exhortation to cross through the light follows next. (continues below)




I had complications from surgery and ended up back in the hospital over the Christmas holidays. But I was out for New Years and escaped without any more damage to my foot. But it delayed my recovery and I was still wearing the wound vacuum and doing crossings in my detached garage on January 17. This was the crossing where I finally went over a million spirits crossed at one event. It was just a number, not a significant milestone, but it brought the total number of earthbound spirits I had helped to over 14 million.

A video recording of the start of the crossing event follows next. Besides the voices, watch out for the rope next to the open door that is disturbed. I'm not saying this is paranormal, but you can clearly see outside that there is no wind. Maybe not paranormal...but interesting. (continues below...)

The Rope



The first crossing I was able to do outside, after I was freed from the constraints of the wound vac, was on February 26, 2014. I took a short hike in Sleeping Turtles Preserve North and found 15,707,032 earthbound spirits gathered to cross over. All of them chose to cross at that time. I felt my progress in strengthening my spiritual self and my aura was as good as it could be, but I knew it would take some time to regain my physical strength. After all, it had been two full months since I had done a real hike to help cross spirits.

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