For many years I considered myself to be an atheist. I hoped for some meaning to life but I denied the existence of God and the possibility of life after death. My very strange spiritual conversion began with a haunted house in Sarasota, Florida that my wife Stella and I purchased as an investment property in November of 2011. I worked on remodeling the house for about 15 months. For more than nine of those months I experienced nothing stranger than tools occasionally going missing and then turning up in surprising places. 



But before a Labor Day pool party in September, 2012 I traveled to the house early to clean the pool and deck in preparation for the family festivities. Circling the pool with the skimmer in hand, I was peacefully at work when two unseen hands suddenly pushed me in the back and sent me tumbling into the pool. The fall ruined my cell phone, scraped my ankle and cut my knee. But the real damage was to my atheistic belief system. I suddenly had some fairly convincing proof that there was an unseen force inhabiting my back patio and it meant me harm. I was forced to consider the possibility of life after death.  



A couple of months later my niece Colleen Dhaoui visited and told me we had several spirits occupying the property. I was aware of Colleen's spiritual sensitivities and had never discounted her abilities. I had always conceded there is much about our minds we do not understand. Colleen told me there were three spirits in particular who had a message for me that I needed to investigate the property. I waited until I had completely finished with the renovations and had listed the house for sale until I began my investigation. I bought a cheap digital recorder and went into the master bedroom one night. I asked a simple question and immediately received an astonishing number of replies. A video clip of that experience follows next. (continued below...)

First EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) 

Crossing #1 (continued)


I continued with my investigation by each night asking questions and listening to the voices I captured through some audio software I download for free from the internet. The number of voices I was able to capture on recordings and the intelligence of their replies and conversation were astounding. It didn't take me long to discover what was going on at the property. It seems there were four factions of spirits inhabiting the space. There was a group of spirits that were neutral and just basically wanted to be left alone. There was also a group of five or six spirits that supported me and showed they wanted to help me. Three of these spirits were there for my protection. The huge surprise turned out to be that two of the protective spirits were my deceased older brothers Bob (Colleen's father) and Eugene. The third protective spirit was long-time family friend Don Borrego.  


Then there was a group of four or five spirits that actively hated me and continually plotted against me. It was one of this faction of "bad spirits" that had pushed me into the pool. The spirits indicated that I was a threat to them, although at first I had no clue why. But then I became aware of another group of spirits that were being prevented from leaving by the "bad spirits". These vulnerable spirits desperately wanted to depart and begged for my help. I had no idea how I was supposed to help them but they seemed sure I was capable of freeing them from their bondage. When I learned one of the captive spirits was the spirit of a child named Antonio, I became committed to learning how I could help these spirits to break away and cross over. A photo of Antonio appears above. It was captured shooting over the top of a dresser into a mirror mounted on the bedroom door. When asked why he enjoyed playing with the motorcycle sculpture displayed on top of the dresser, he replied "It's mine, sir." In the right side of the photo appears the partial silhouette of one of the "bad ghosts".  


I concentrated at first in searching for a medium who could do a house clearing for me. But I had absolutely no luck in locating a medium who was able or willing to to do what I required. I even engaged a team of paranormal enthusiasts to investigate the property, but they were unable to do anything more than to add to the overwhelming amount of evidence I had already documented. In frustration, I called my niece Colleen and asked for her advice. She told me I should just cross the spirits myself. I told her I had no idea how to do that. She said I should just talk to them and tell them to forgive themselves. So I gathered the spirits together in the dining room one night and told them the time had come for those who wanted to depart. I told them that they really could not be held against their will and that they should gather strength by forgiving themselves for what ever was holding them back or was being used against them by the other spirits. Then I told them to look for the light. At that moment I heard the first disembodied spirit voice I had ever experienced. It was a female voice and it said, "You better run for the light, Ray." A video replay of that recording follows next. (continued below...)

"You better run for the light, Ray!"

Crossing #1 (continued)

That night three of the spirits most desperate to leave were able to cross over. But, unfortunately, the child spirit of Antonio was not among them. However, after we were ready to close on the house and were moving out the last of our staging furniture, we invited Tony and the two remaining good spirits to follow us home. Those spirits were able to cross over a couple of days later from our residence. Surprisingly, before we vacated the investment property, one of the "bad ghosts" had chosen to cross over while I was performing a protection ritual I thought was necessary after the first spirits had crossed. That brought the total to at least seven spirits from the haunted house that were able to cross (there is always the possibility that there were others that did not make themselves known and I didn't know about that were also able to cross). The spirits of my brothers and Don Borrego did not need to cross because they were not earthbound. They had already crossed in their time. But the difference between a ghost and a crossed spirit is a discussion for another time.

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