CROSSING #132, MARCH 30, 2014


I had been perfectly happy to keep my efforts crossing spirits a secret, or at least not to publicize it. I wasn't seeking praise and didn't need outside validation. But my guides had other ideas. From almost the beginning I was encouraged to share my experiences. This led to contact with radio host and well-known psychic/medium Wendy Adams. I was a guest on her radio show Inner Circle on Lightwaves Radio.

After I had been interviewed for Wendy's radio show, my nephew Aaron Lofgreen (Colleen's younger brother), contacted me about a dream he had experienced.

 Among other images that were personal just to Aaron, in the dream he was guiding people in the desert. He didn’t know exactly where he was leading the people, but he recognized the desert area as Sedona, Arizona.  He also told me that his brother Jeremiah had just travelled to Sedona because he felt it was calling to him. Aaron was wondering if I had any idea if there was some significance about Sedona for him and Jeremiah. 



 When I heard the imagery he described, I knew I needed to contact Wendy Adams about the dream. I had been listening to her radio show and in one broadcast she described lapsing into a coma and being taken to the hospital. This was at the same time I was first hospitalized for the problems with the infection in my toe. While in the coma, she received instructions about conducting three events in the desert. She didn’t know where, when, or with whom, but she knew the events were very important for the spiritual transformations that are supposed to happen on the planet.

"What I'm being told is important to do is to plan an event this year to bring a group of people together," Wendy wrote me back. "And I know it will be in the desert.  I feel it needs to be in Arizona, and was told today it needs to happen in Sedona."  

And before I knew it, Wendy and I had agreed to plan an event in Sedona, Arizona. 

Aaron did indeed guide us to the location in Sedona.  

CROSSING #132 (cont.) SPIRITS CROSSED: 306,307,308


 Wendy suggested the last weekend in March for the event in Sedona and I agreed. She felt the participants needed to be her, Stella, Colleen, Aaron, Jeremiah, Charlene Lofgreen (who is Colleen, Aaron and Jeremiah’s sister and had already been in contact with Wendy), and myself. Also Wendy’s friends Jeff Gates, and Lisa M. Harrison. Lisa is a co-founder of the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour, a radio host and a prominent figure in sustainability, well-being and energy balancing. Any other participants would find their own way and would be meant to be there. 

One person I felt I needed to bring in was Valerie Borrego another daughter of Don Borrego, with whom I had also recently reconnected. I knew Valerie lived in the Sedona area and had event planning experience, Neither Wendy nor I had any clue about how to plan such a thing. I felt like the whole reason Valerie and I had become reacquainted was so she could help and be a part of the event. 

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CROSSING #132 (cont.)


I felt it was important to acquire a venue where people could gather comfortably.  Valerie gave me several suggestions and I made a list of the places she suggested. I went online and started eliminating the locations one by one. They were either already booked, too expensive or not appropriate for the occasion. 

But I also came across a place Valerie had not mentioned. It was called Crescent Moon Ranch and was located in Oak Creek Canyon at the base of Cathedral Rock. The ranch included a large rustic cabin and could be rented by the night from the Forest Service. I found the nights of March 28 and 29 were still available, an almost miraculous occurrence for a weekend rental on such short notice. I got out my credit card and immediately booked the two nights. 

Valerie called me back a few minutes later and told me about a place she hadn’t thought of called Crescent Moon Ranch. She said it would be perfect and was on land that was known to be an active energy vortex. Then I got a message from Wendy saying she had an impression that she needed to be “on the Ranch.” I got a big kick out of for once being way ahead of the psychics.

The day after the crossing in Scottsdale, we were at Crescent Moon Ranch in Sedona. Slowly, throughout the day, participants began to arrive.  That evening was spent by everyone just getting acquainted or reacquainted with one another. Wendy had stressed to me several times, when I expressed a bit of worry over the lack of an organized agenda, that just bringing people with special energies together and combining those energies was one of the most powerful things we could do. I certainly felt the energy in the cabin.

The next morning I did a mantra meditation session by myself. Then I got out my iPod and asked how many spirits had been gathered for us. The answer I got was 306 million.

CROSSING #132 (cont.)


Early in the afternoon we set out from the ranch to the crossing location. The day was sunny and calm. Where we were headed was actually on a small rock plateau just a few hundred yards away.  But in order to get there we had to drive up and around the mountain and hike down to the plateau. Wendy and Valerie had scouted the location a couple of weeks before. It is in the middle of a well-known energy vortex called Red Rock Crossing. During her visit, Wendy had encountered a group of Native American spirits performing a ceremony up there. They asked her what she was doing there, but then told her that they knew her and she was welcome at that spot.

As soon as we arrived, I knew it was the right place. It is a red sandstone mesa several hundred yards across. Below expands Oak Creek Canyon and the spread of Crescent Mood Ranch.    

Valerie had recruited a drummer and a flute player to come along. Other participants joined in the drumming. We formed a circle and listened to the drums and flute music for a time, and then we held hands and combined our energies. Beside myself there were sixteen other people participating. When I felt the time was right, I stepped into the middle of the circle.

I began by introducing myself and explaining to the spirits the reason we were there. The participants blessed with the gift of psychic second sight described a gathering of spirits spreading in every direction as far as the eye could see.

 I had given each person a card with the incantations I use to invoke the light, and we recited the incantations in unison three times to call upon the light. The sensitives described a shaft of brilliant white light that then descending from above. It covered me in the center but also splintered into individual shafts of light covering each person.

A warm wind began to blow, erupting from a dead calm in an instant. Bracing and enveloping each person caught in their individual shafts of light.

CROSSING #132 (cont.)


Nearly everyone gathered could feel as the spirits passed through their auras and entered the individual shafts of light, then joined in and through the central shaft. The wind intensified as the pace of the torrents of spirits crowding into the shafts of light sped up. A few people fell to their knees from the intensity of the light, the wind and the energy.      

While I spoke to the spirits, the wind gushed over us as the spirits swept into the light. Although I try hard to include arguments to convince spirits from all faiths, beliefs and walks of life to cross over, as I was concluding my remarks both Valerie and Wendy were feeling resistance from two factions. They said there was a large group of atheists that were not convinced by my words and were suspicious of the whole event. There were also apparently many non-Christian women who were reluctant to follow a who spoke of Jesus, although I also reference prophets and teachings of many other religions.

Valerie stepped forward telepathically and reassured both groups. I don’t know what she said to them but she was successful. I will forever be grateful for her efforts, and have since modified my remarks to address atheism, and with words I hope are more acceptable to reluctant women spirits. 

I spoke for about a half-hour, then recited my closing prayer. The wind immediately calmed down. 

I knew two things after it was over. “You have all heard of a baptism of fire,” I told everyone. “Well, I know we have all undergone a baptism of wind. The sins of each one of us are forgiven.” 

The other thing I knew was that all the spirits that had been gathered had crossed. It was a remarkable achievement and the success could only be attributed to the combined energies of all those involved. 

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CROSSING #132 (continued)

I was later told the exact number of the spirits that had crossed was 306,307,308. It was by far the largest earthbound spirit-crossing event in the history of the world. I asked if there was a significance to the sequential digits that made up the final number and was told, “It is your dimension.” I’m still not sure I know what that meant, but a number of the photos I have seen on that little red rock mesa after the crossing may provide a hint. In several of the photos my image is distorted. I’m either not all there, or squeezed unnaturally skinny or grossly expanded, sometimes all at once. I asked my guides if the crazy photos meant something. “You were between two worlds,” they explained. “We had to bring you here for your protection.”

Along with the spirits we crossed in Scottsdale and those from Sedona, it brought the total number of earthbound spirits I had helped cross to more than the number of 600 million I had been given by my guides. The goal I had originally estimated would take me 400 years to complete, remarkably, took less than one year. 

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